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About Manatee

We have worked with apps for mobile phones since before the term ‘apps’ even existed. We have experience in working on all major mobile platforms since 2000. Our ambition is to deliver first class products to our customers and business partners. This is done through meticulous project management, focus through out the process down to the last detail and unique strategic advise. Through the years we have generated more than 50 million app downloads for our customers and business partners.

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Here are some of the more than 50 finished apps we have been involved in.


We have developed the McDonald’s Coinoffers app in cooperation with DDB Denmark. The task was – and still is – to deliver an engaging digital campaign that could increase the attention on McDonald’s Coinoffers deals.


Danfoss wants to boost employee’s and installer’s loyalty and engagement. That is done through a visionary app that strengthens brand loyalty and increases sales of Danfoss heating solutions. The app is developed in cooperation with the Danish digital bureau rcogm.


The Egmont Publishing Company asked for our help launching ‘Rasmus Klump’ as a commercial app. Our task was to assist all the way from product specifications through development and defining the strategic goals to a optimization of the app’s monetization on the Apple platform.


We are proud of working with the following companies.



Process is everything. We always start our projects by ways of thorough analysis and definition of key performance indicators (KPI).


Planning and design are essential elements on the road to a good result and we focus just as much on these elements as do our clients and business partners. The only way to make a solid project is to plan ahead.


We have more than ten years of experience developing apps and we take pride in work we do. That is why we take the time and effort needed to ensure that the final product lives up to expectations and works as promised. That includes rigid quality assurance and testing on all relevant platforms.


Evaluating your own work is an essential part of the process keeping apps updated and ensuring that our client’s and business partner’s expectations are honored. That’s is why we monitor our apps and all relevant in-app user activity.


Come join our dedicated team!

We are continuing our work in the ever changing mobile industry. That is why we are always looking for talented employees to strengthen our team. We are interested in what we would call ‘developers that are strong on the technical side and interested in more than just their own lines of code’. That is needed when striving to develop the best apps for our clients and business partners.

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